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The most frequently asked questions "frequently asked questions", are listed here. If your question is not listed, please contact us. 

SimStars, SimKids and Loizz

How do I attache the charms to the bracelet?
All bracelets of SimStars, SimKids and Loizz have a screw system, you have to rotate the beads on the bracelet.
SimKids are smaller in size and will only fits with other kids-brands. The diameter is smaller than SimStars, simbeads, Loizz, etc.
But SimStars and Loizz can be combined easily.

What are Clips / Stoppers?
On each bracelet and necklace you will see two thicker pieces, so-called stopper. On these pieces you can put a clip, so that the charms won''t be able to move through this stopper. At the end of the bracelet you can also put on an extra clip so that the beads of the bracelet won''t slip out when you open your bracelet.


How do I attche the links to each other?
The connections can be separated, as you can see, there is one hook and one eye visible. Push the hook in the eye of the other link (see drawing).

Here you can see, how to connect the links

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What is the size of the links?
The size of the links are 9mm. This is the Classic size.


Is everything in stock on SimBeads.co.uk?
Yes. All the product you see, are in stock. But if, unfortunately, something isn''t in stock, then we will let you know immediately.

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